Best international carry-on luggage

International carry-on luggage bags should be as light as possible and compact enough for passengers to comfortably roll them down the aisle and fit them into the overhead compartments.  The general standard size for most airlines stands at 9 inches (depth) by 14 inches (width) by 22 inches (height), however this figure can change depending on the country and service provider.

The Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is one of the most popular forms of hand luggage.  These bags are made from a fabric that can adapt to its contents.  Duffle bags are very similar to sports bags but they have a handle and wheels to allow users to move them around with ease.

The Trolley Bag

The trolley bag is another very popular type of hand luggage and probably the most common form of suitcase.  They are usually made from either Ny-Tec material or a very dense plastic and most will have a zipped extension compartment to provide more space if required.  Trolley bags also have a handle and wheels making them easy to manoeuvre.

The Satchel

The satchel can either be carried by hand or strapped over the shoulder.  These bags are more suited for short term flights and business trips as they aren’t designed for large amounts of heavy luggage.  The compact nature of the satchel allows it to be easily stored in overhead compartments.

When travelling internationally, it’s important to use a bag that will be able to withstand lots of movement.  The lighter the weight and more durable the bag, the better it will be for international travel.  Another feature to look out for is the layout since well designed pockets will make the whole packing and unpacking process much easier.  This is especially important for people who fly on a regular basis.

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