Wine lovers guide: Australia

Australia is becoming increasingly popular with wine lovers.  Growers in the new world are not subject to as many regulations as in the old world and have the freedom to be more experimental which has resulted in exciting new tastes being developed all over the country.  A great way to get to know what is available is to visit the source.  Vineyard tours and cellar door tastings are fun, informative ways to spend sunny days enjoying wonderful flavours and aromas.  Tour operators and hotels offer guided excursions around nearby wineries many of which include transportation, entry fees and wine and food at all locations for full, fuss-free enjoyment.

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Tallest Hotels in Australia

Australia had a decent but modest cluster of high-rises for decades. That is until the aughts. The last decade has produced not one but two stunners in Melbourne’s Eureka Tower – the tallest skyscraper in the country from base to roof – and Gold Coast’s Queensland Number One (Q1) – the fifth-tallest residential tower in the world.

Not all of that choice real estate is for office space and plush flats either. A slew of hotel towers proliferates from Perth to Sydney and makes the urban hospitality scene in Australia one of the most progressive and impressive in Asia Pacific.

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Best Short Trip Destinations in Australia

Australia is arguably the motherland of day trips, weekend trips and, indeed, road trips in general. The abundance of excellent, singular sights and destinations is a foremost cause but so too is the country’s geography.

Think about it. Name another country with a city as cosmopolitan and vibrant as a Melbourne, Perth or Sydney that, as it happens, has so many rare gems on the doorstep. And by gems, we mean epic UNESCO World Heritage Sites and national parks, from the Gondwana Rainforests to the Greater Blue Mountains, world-class wine regions and historic towns.

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Top 10 Events in Melbourne, Autumn 2013

Places that dominate the big, global quality-of-life indices – your Viennas, your Vancouvers, your Helsinkis – do so on the basis of public safety, hygiene, environment, economic stability and the like. Pretty humdrum stuff. Culture and recreation, however, also play vital roles and help determine whether a city merely delivers the bare minimum or, preferably, enriches and stimulates as well. Patrons of Melbourne city hotels know what this is all about.

The state capital of Victoria has long stood proudly atop many a livability index (The Economist Intelligence Unit index for 2012 is a prominent case). That the metropolis on the Yarra succeeds with such banal regularity is a credit to a lively arts, culture and extracurricular scene that, simply put, makes Melbourne a fun, attractive place to live and, indeed, visit.

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Sydney’s small bars

As a city, Sydney ticks all the boxes for famous attractions, incredible beaches, international cuisine and a great range of nightlife.  However, set in amongst the more well-known areas and tourist attractions, are some small drinking establishments which allow those who enjoy being part of a less commercial and trendy bar scene the chance to kick back and relax alternative style.  Ensure you don’t miss out on these top 5:

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Spring Golf in New Zealand – the time is now

Golf is the most played sport in New Zealand, with roughly half a million adults regularly partaking in the sport. There are over 365 golf courses situated throughout the country, providing some of the world’s most picturesque golfing locations.  There is no better time to venture out on a golfing holiday to New Zealand than during the spring period.

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Favourite celebrity hotels

The Ritz Hotel (London)

No other London hotel has earned such a strong reputation for celebrity guests than The Ritz.  The traditional nature of the establishment is perfect for people who enjoy the grandiose nature of true British service.

Lanesborough Hotel (London)

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, the Lanesborough Hotel offers some of the city’s most prestigious and exclusive suites.  Commonly visited by royals and celebrities, such as Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Dinner for 2 in Sydney for under $50

There are plenty of dining options for travellers who are looking to save a bit of cash in Sydney.

Pub Meals

The Beach Road Bondi contains a pub, bistro and pizza bar.  It has a wide range of offers for each day of the week, allowing people to enjoy decent meals at very low prices.  On Thursday nights, visitors can enjoy fajitas and a beer for only $15 per head, whilst Mondays are even cheaper with a hot dog and beer costing only $8. The Hotel London is another restaurant option that has a large selection of sandwiches on the menu, all priced below $20.  They also serve a wide selection of pizzas for between $20 and $25.

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Day on the green, Hunter Valley spring concerts

The Australian spring can be a very exciting time for travellers to visit the country.  There are a large amount of affordable events for people to take advantage of and visitors will be able to enjoy some of the country’s most beloved musicians and artists within picturesque settings that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world.

Day on the Green

Day on the Green is one of the most praised festivals in all of Australia.  The event usually hosts at least 30 different performances across the spring period throughout various different locations in Australia.  The capacity of each event can be anywhere between 5,000 and 11,000 people.  People visiting Day on the Green have the option of bringing their own food and the event even has a ‘picnic of the day’ prize.

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Best ice cream shops in Australia

Apart from an ice cold beer and surfing on the beach, the ice cream has to be one of the most distinctive features of Australia.   All across the country, travellers will find an abundance of first class ice cream parlours serving a vast array of different flavours and desserts to suit all tastes, regardless of how strange or unique their taste buds may be.

Sydney – Gelato Messina (241 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst)

Gelato Messina is one of the most prized ice cream parlours in Sydney, serving what’s been called the best gelato outside Italy.  All of their ice creams are made on location with a selection of premium ingredients and local produce.  With over forty different flavours that change on a daily basis, Gelato Messina will even keep the regulars guessing.

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