Secret views of Paris

Paris, city of lights and romance, art and culture, is home to a number of world famous landmarks including the Mona Lisa’s residence – the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and of course, standing proudly in the Parisian skyline, The Eiffel Tower.  But before you scramble up its 324m to feverishly snap the panoramic view, consider this: if you are on the Eiffel Tower, you cannot see it and what is a picture postcard photograph of Gay Paris without La Tour Eiffel?  You can enjoy different vistas of the city from these alternative points of view.

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Madrid’s top tapas

The most authentic way to relax in Spain is to eat and drink with friends, a pastime the Spanish have down to a fine art.  Tapas is one of the country’s national dishes and a must for tourists to try.  Legend holds that King Alfonso X recovered from ill health by drinking wine accompanied by small dishes of food and consequently decreed that taverns should serve snacks with wine.  Alternatively, the etymological explanation has it that drinkers used to cover their drinks with a card or slice of bread to keep the flies out and it became a habit to place a snack on the lid; the Spanish verb ‘tapar’ means to cover.

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Best free attractions, London

There is no denying that London is one of the most exciting, cosmopolitan cities in the world.  It is also one of the most expensive.  However, for those visiting the great capital of England, there is plenty to do whilst still avoiding an empty wallet.  Here are 5 of the best free attractions in town:

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Favourite celebrity hotels

The Ritz Hotel (London)

No other London hotel has earned such a strong reputation for celebrity guests than The Ritz.  The traditional nature of the establishment is perfect for people who enjoy the grandiose nature of true British service.

Lanesborough Hotel (London)

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, the Lanesborough Hotel offers some of the city’s most prestigious and exclusive suites.  Commonly visited by royals and celebrities, such as Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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European river cruises for the young at heart

Cruising can be the perfect way to experience the real Europe.  With literally thousands of miles of waterways and the chance to visit multiple countries in a matter of days, European river cruises are perfect for those who want to sit back and enjoy the picturesque sights that this continent has to offer.

One of the main benefits of exploring Europe on a river cruise is that visitors will have the chance to hop on and off at various cities.  This means they’ll be able to take advantage of the lively sights the towns have to offer and then will have a relaxing and comfortable place to retreat to when that much needed rest is required.  European cruises are also excellent for history buffs, as visitors get the chance to compare and contrast the vast array of Celtic, Roman, French and Greek monuments in a matter of days.

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Best hotels for some fun time

The Palms (Las Vegas, US)

The Palms has a wide selection of options to suit various budgets.   All the suites are individually styled to suit a variety of tastes.  Popular weekend options include staying in the Erotic Suite or the Hugh Heffner Suite.

The Ritz-Carlton (Chicago, US)

The Ritz-Carlton has a weekend suite especially designed for couples looking for a weekend of fun in Chicago.  Visitors can enjoy an in-room massage and have sushi delivered straight to their room door.

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After dark – best kept secrets. London late night venues you may not know

Visitors to London can spend many hours travelling on the tube or attempting to hail a taxi, only to find themselves loitering on the street whilst the gates of a club are closed in their faces. Although late night clubs can be difficult to find, there are plenty around the city that stay open just long enough for you to enjoy a traditional English breakfast on the journey home. Finding these clubs can be difficult as many of the most famous and well respected establishments in the city seem to take the limelight.


Egg is known for hosting some of the most respected DJ’s in the world. It is situated near Kings Cross St. Pancras tube station which is within easy reach of both the West and East of London. The venue itself stays open all night on Saturdays, closing at 10am on Sunday mornings. The large capacity dance floor is perfect for those who enjoy a lively atmosphere.

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