Tallest Hotels in the U.S.A.

Height matters. It helps a footballer get on top of a phalanx of defenders to head the ball over a keeper’s flailing, outstretched arms. It helps an attacker spike a volleyball with effective velocity. And it can determine whether a basketball is crammed into the hoop or desperately chucked from 20 feet out.

We’ll refrain from pursuing more sports analogies to underscore the fundamental argument that height is a decided advantage. A rare frill even, especially where hotels are concerned.

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Favourite celebrity hotels

The Ritz Hotel (London)

No other London hotel has earned such a strong reputation for celebrity guests than The Ritz.  The traditional nature of the establishment is perfect for people who enjoy the grandiose nature of true British service.

Lanesborough Hotel (London)

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, the Lanesborough Hotel offers some of the city’s most prestigious and exclusive suites.  Commonly visited by royals and celebrities, such as Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Best hotels for some fun time

The Palms (Las Vegas, US)

The Palms has a wide selection of options to suit various budgets.   All the suites are individually styled to suit a variety of tastes.  Popular weekend options include staying in the Erotic Suite or the Hugh Heffner Suite.

The Ritz-Carlton (Chicago, US)

The Ritz-Carlton has a weekend suite especially designed for couples looking for a weekend of fun in Chicago.  Visitors can enjoy an in-room massage and have sushi delivered straight to their room door.

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Best hideaways for Kristin Stewart – they might be getting back together but just where would Kristen Stewart have hidden to avoid the fella

It can be difficult for people like Kristen Stewart to find a decent and discreet hideout to avoid the hassle of the press, especially after her fling with Snow White and the Huntsman Director, Rupert Sanders. Here are some of the hotels that are best known for hiding celebrities, maybe one of which was visited by Kristen Stewart throughout the media storm that has followed her around in recent months.

The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel bungalows provide some of the most sought after retreats in California. Celebrities have been known to frequent this establishment after being involved in scandals so they can relax in their own private cottage and escape the press.

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