Tallest Hotels in Asia

Thanks in no small part to the rise of China, India and the economic diversification of the Arabian Peninsula, Asia is on the move. More often than not, that movement is up, up, up, beyond any place heretofore thought possible.

From Dubai to Shanghai, Bangkok to Mumbai, more skyscrapers are in progress on the continent than ever before. The number of projects just completed and in future development is staggering and dwarfs anything being considered in the Americas, Europe and Oceania.

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Tallest Hotels in the U.S.A.

Height matters. It helps a footballer get on top of a phalanx of defenders to head the ball over a keeper’s flailing, outstretched arms. It helps an attacker spike a volleyball with effective velocity. And it can determine whether a basketball is crammed into the hoop or desperately chucked from 20 feet out.

We’ll refrain from pursuing more sports analogies to underscore the fundamental argument that height is a decided advantage. A rare frill even, especially where hotels are concerned.

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To and from the airport in Australia’s cities


Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport is located 22km outside of the city centre with several travel options available to those arriving or departing from Victoria’s capital.

Sky Bus – an express bus service running direct between the airport and the city centre. The service is available every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all public holidays.  Tickets can be bought at the bus stop at the airport or Southern Cross Station.  For up to date pricing check www.skybus.com.au.

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Oversize luggage – the definitive guide

Hitting the slopes?  Jet-set rockstar on tour?  Young family off on holiday?  Travelling with extra baggage can be tricky and troublesome but is often necessary.  Airlines place restrictions on the size and weight of passengers’ luggage allocation.  Luggage that exceeds these limits has to be flagged up because it must be factored into the flight weight and balance formula.  Additionally, some aircrafts have limited space for oversized bags.

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Favourite celebrity hotels

The Ritz Hotel (London)

No other London hotel has earned such a strong reputation for celebrity guests than The Ritz.  The traditional nature of the establishment is perfect for people who enjoy the grandiose nature of true British service.

Lanesborough Hotel (London)

Overlooking Buckingham Palace, the Lanesborough Hotel offers some of the city’s most prestigious and exclusive suites.  Commonly visited by royals and celebrities, such as Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Best international carry-on luggage

International carry-on luggage bags should be as light as possible and compact enough for passengers to comfortably roll them down the aisle and fit them into the overhead compartments.  The general standard size for most airlines stands at 9 inches (depth) by 14 inches (width) by 22 inches (height), however this figure can change depending on the country and service provider.

The Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is one of the most popular forms of hand luggage.  These bags are made from a fabric that can adapt to its contents.  Duffle bags are very similar to sports bags but they have a handle and wheels to allow users to move them around with ease.

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