Dinner for 2 in Sydney for under $50

There are plenty of dining options for travellers who are looking to save a bit of cash in Sydney.

Pub Meals

The Beach Road Bondi contains a pub, bistro and pizza bar.  It has a wide range of offers for each day of the week, allowing people to enjoy decent meals at very low prices.  On Thursday nights, visitors can enjoy fajitas and a beer for only $15 per head, whilst Mondays are even cheaper with a hot dog and beer costing only $8. The Hotel London is another restaurant option that has a large selection of sandwiches on the menu, all priced below $20.  They also serve a wide selection of pizzas for between $20 and $25.

Thai Restaurants

There are a lot of Thai restaurants situated in Sydney, many of which will deliver to hotel doors.  The Thai takeaway and dining options are very cheap, allowing couples to dine and enjoy three course meals for well under $50.  Spice I Am has a reputation for providing excellent Thai food at very reasonable prices and many seasoned travellers have stated that Spice I Am provides the best tasting Thai food outside of Thailand itself.

Mexican Restaurants

There are also plenty of Mexican restaurants and burrito bars located in Sydney.  People who like to visit a competitively priced restaurant should take a visit to Izote Mexican.  Here, almost all of the meals are below $20.

The Beach Burrito Company is a chain of burrito bars providing a vast range of options.   All of the burritos, chimichangas, quesadillas and nacho options on the menu are below $15.  There are also a number of Mad Mex and Guzman Y Gomez establishments located around Sydney, which give visitors the chance to experience traditional Mexican cuisine at a mere fraction of the restaurant prices.

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