Izakaya, Australian style

An Izakaya is a type of Japanese bar, traditionally with a relaxed and casual atmosphere, serving good drinks and an accompanying food selection.  From its origins of allowing customers to sit in the shop selling sake to its popularity throughout Japan, the appeal of good drink, sake and Japanese tapas style food has crossed the Pacific Ocean to Australia which is now proud to host several of its own Izakayas.  Check out the top 5 below:

Izakaya Chuji
165 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

First opening in 1989, Izakaya Chuji is one of the oldest Izakayas in Australia.  With a great range of high quality sake and the expected selection of good food, beer and wine, the venue works hard to achieve and sustain the traditional concept of an Izakaya.

Ju Ju
Shop 301, Kings Cross Centre, 82-94 Darlinghurst Road

Sydney’s answer to an authentic Izakaya comes in the form of Ju Ju, open Tuesday until Sunday, offering everything you’d expect, plus a little more.  Wednesday nights are especially entertaining with the addition of Karaoke.

Ichi Ni
12 The Esplanade, St Kilda

Purporting to be Melbourne’s ultimate Izakaya experience, Ichi Ni will not disappoint those looking for exactly that.  The extensive sake, wine and food lists are impressive and cater for any tastes.

Izakaya Fujiyama
Shop G09/52 Waterloo Street Surry Hills

Importing both the beer and sake direct from Japan, as well as serving food and drink in traditional Japanese style, this Izakaya provides a fairly authentic experience outside of Japan.

IzaKaya Sakura
182 James Street, Northbridge, Perth

One of only a few Japanese establishments in Western Australia, Sakura provides a great selection of very traditional Japanese dishes as well as an extensive drinks menu in a relaxed setting.  It is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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